Terms of Use

This page is owned and manages by www.goldentown.org . We present these terms of use to govern you when accessing and using this website. Please click accepts after reading these terms of use or if you refuse to accept, you will not be able to use our services.

1. Membership. To become a member, you need to register and this will now entitle you to use our services offered in the website.

a. Your membership will be accepted as long as you are directly involved with child care such as you are a mother, a baby sitter, you have nursery, private tutoring and maternity child care services.

b. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts with us. Our website and our services are intended for use by those individuals and organizations who manifest support for the child care services.

c. We do not accept multiple and false applications for membership.

d. As a member, you will be given an account log in order to use our services. You need to follow the regulations so your account will not be terminated.

2. Using the Services Of Our Website. Once you become a member, the use of our website services is free otherwise, upgraded services are offered but you will be notified on this. This website is acting as an online portal which will give connections to parents and other child care institutions. Members can post their ads on the website and may collaborate with other individuals as well.

a. You hereby acknowledge that with these profiles and advertisements being posted on our website, we are not acting as agents or endorsers for them.

b. WE simply cater the platform to facilitate communications between you. Hence, we do not assume the responsibility over those individuals or entities you have transacted with. If you are dealing with a third party, go over their terms and conditions other than what are stated on this website.

c. This website also reserves the right to review and screen posted blogs and comments and may remove those materials you have posted which we believe are not acceptable based on our policies.

3. Accessing the website. The access of our website can be temporary and that our services may change without prior notice. We reserve the right to change the services and this website may not be available anytime or any period-and we are not liable for this. There may be instances wherein, you will be restricted to access our entire site.

4. Intellectual Property. We are the owner of the intellectual properties of this website.

a. All the materials published on it are protected with the copyright laws.

b. You are not allowed to use any materials for whatever purposes without written permissions from the owner of this website.

c. You are not allowed to use any contents of the website to resell or for any commercial purposes.

5. Information Posted On This Website. The comments and contents being posted on website are for information which may not be reliable at times. Hence, we do not claim any responsibility for any misinformation and your reliance to such information.

a. You have the discretion to investigate further as to the veracity of such information.

b. We update the site regularly and there may be changes on the website from time to time.

c. There may be materials which are outdated but we have no obligation to check if it up to date or not.

6. Posting. Your posts on this website will become ownership of the company with the right to use, reproduce, modify and even distribute such. www.goldentown.org has also the right to edit and remove post when those posts are not in accordance to the terms of use of this website.

a. You should not engage and bring the name of the website for abusive, unlawful, slanderous, libelous, fraudulent, pornographic and other inappropriate acts; avoid harassing and degrading any person or group in their gender, sexual preferences, race, age, disability and ethnicity; harm and influence minors; impersonating any entity of the websites and manipulates posts; posting contents from an employer or any other individuals unless you have received permission from your employer and secured from your employer a waiver as to all rights in or to the Content; posting contents with any viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses or other harmful or destructive content; violating contents to the privacy or publicity rights of any third party.

7. Suspension And Termination Of Your Accounts. We have the discretion to determine if these terms of use has been violated by a certain account user. Should the breach occur, you have the obligation to take appropriate actions including immediate permanent or temporary withdrawal of membership and the right to use the website; removal of the materials being posted; issue warnings; pursue a legal proceeding for reimbursement of all costs on indemnity due to breach; disclosure of your information to the law enforcement authorities.