Child Care Centers – Working Around The Disadvantages

While looking for a good child care, Beacon Hill has one of the best options for your child. You would have run into several articles describing the disadvantages of putting your child in Child Care Centres. This is a cause for concern for parents all around the world. In this essay, we’ll discuss these disadvantages and the ways in which you could handle and overcome the negative areas of day care.

Recent research performed by the University of Sydney reasoned that children who were placed in Child Care Centres in an incredibly early age showed lower levels of social skills and academic competence with a rise in behaviour routines that were problematic. Youngsters who’ve experienced full time day care from the time they were infants, were found to hold on to their own perspectives while showing no interest and aggressiveness in resolving disagreements. Interestingly, the study credited this to the extended time spent in Day Care and not form or the quality of attention.

Child-Care-Beacon-Hill-1The other criticisms that are common are the exorbitant price of child care, dearth of personalized attention, health and security concerns, high ratio of health professional and child in large groups, under-paid staff leading to high attrition, etc.

But, take heart, these are issues which can be set by a good-organized authorized Day Care Centre.

Of late, the emphasis is on early childhood education and accredited and most authorized Day Care Centres have a curriculum suited to every kid’s age aimed at providing an early learning experience similar to preschool. There is growing evidence that children adapt to ordered learning methods at a very young age so an excellent Day Care Centre may turn out to be your baby’s first school!

In two income families, it is difficult for one parent to remain at home to take good care of of the youngster. There are many alternatives to full time work.

Your spouse and by doing this you could take care of the kid most of the day and just leave the child to get a few hours in the Day Care Centre. You may also opt to talk about jobs with others who’ve similar problems where you get paid half the wages and benefits for sharing half the work. Without losing your entire income, this could free up considerable time.

Part time and work from home jobs may also be viable options.

People who are expecting a baby soon can consider trying to reside within one income and put aside the second income completely. This may get you used to living with just one income as well as the savings should come in handy for the months following your baby’s birth.

Additionally, there are tax rebates and advantages made available from the authorities for parents who have kids in child care which could bring down the price burden.

Prior to finalizing the Day Care Centre, make several visits to detect how a Center is being run, inquire about job satisfaction amongst the staff, scrutinize the toilets and nappy changing areas for hygiene, discuss with other parents and communicate with the children, gauge the communication skills of the caregivers by speaking to them, etc.

All authorized Day Care Centres come under the purview of the authorities and conform strictly to rules and regulations particularly with regard to qualifications of staff, space requirements, hygiene, and handling of crises.

With a tiny bit of effort, it is possible to balance work and the time you spend together with your son or daughter. By picking a licensed Day Care Centre and working closely together with the child care providers, you can circumvent most of the hurdles of Child Care. It’s simply the truly lucky few who can afford to quit their jobs and stay at home just as a baby comes along. And though it is an undisputed fact that the sort of personalized attention and care given by way of a parent at home cannot be reproduced in a Child Care Centre, it could be the next best thing to your child if chosen with care.